VINA MANPOWER has successfully supplied 60 Aluminum Installers to PATRA ALUMINUM COMPANY- ALGERIA in January 2014

VINA MANPOWER has supplied 60 Vietnamese workers to PATRA ALUMINUM COMPANY- ALGERIA with vacancies as Aluminum Installers successfully

Last January, 2014, VINA MANPOWER is honored to welcome the Representative of PATRA ALUMINUM COMPANY has arrived Vietnam to directly interviews and doing trade test of Vietnamese Aluminum Installerssupplied by VINA MANPOWER

PATRA ALUMINUM has been able to create certain policies and norms for themselves to serve the market and clients as dependable manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Aluminum Products. The range includes Aluminum Ladders and Aluminum Products. The products offered by PATRA ALUMINUM are high in quality and long lasting. These products are manufactured in presence of industrial experts and tested for quality on a variety of norms and conditions. To manufacture the products being offered, PATRA ALUMINUM uses high grade raw materials, which are sourced from trusted and reliable vendors. The quality analysts take care of the quality norms set by the company to make them meet the requirements of international standards. PATRA ALUMINUM also takes care of customer’s specifications at time of product design and development.

VINA MANPOWER would like to thank and sincerely appreciate the trust and the cooperation of PATRA ALUMINUM in the selection and employ the Vietnamese Aluminum Installers for their business in the Algeria and Globally.

Below are some pictures of the first recruitment campaign for the PATRA ALUMINUM COMPANY: