Recruitment campaign for GALFAR ENGINEERING & CONSTRACTING- OMAN in April, 2014

VINA MANPOWER jsc has recruited Vietnamese workers to GALFAR ENGINEERING & CONSTRACTING- OMAN with vacancies as Masons & plasterer, Carpenters, Steel fixers successfully!

Last April, 2014. VINA MANPOWER jsc is honored to welcome the Representative of GALFAR ENGINEERING & CONSTRACTING- OMAN has arrived Vietnam to directly interviews and doing trade test of Vietnamese Masons & plasterer, Carpenters, Steel fixers supplied by VINA MANPOWER

GALFAR ENGINEERING & CONSTRACTING- OMAN is Oman’s largest construction company with EPC capability in Oil & Gas, Roads & Bridges and Civil & Utilities sectors operating in Oman, other GCC countries as well as India. Over the last 40 years, Galfar has established itself as the “Preferred Partner in Development” in Oman with a turnover nearly USD 1 Billion.   The Company has grown steadily over the last 4 decades, owns a fleet of more than 7000 equipments, employs a workforce of over 23,000 and also prides itself as the largest employer of Omani nationals in the Private Sector.

GALFAR ENGINEERING & CONSTRACTING- OMAN always has the highest concern for safety and this is evidenced by securing some of the best records for Safety in its operations, having won several awards from government organizations, clients and the Sword of Honour from the British Safety Council…

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