Hospitality industry is one of the strongest industries in the world in terms of overall GDP, employment and growth. The year of 2016-2017 was excellent for the tourism and hospitality industry, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council’s 2017 report. There are 6 million net additional jobs in 185 countries; 7.6 Trillion US$ (10.2% Global GDP); 292 million jobs sustained; 1 in 10 jobs in the global economy.

The massive, steady growth in the Hospitality industry creates opportunities for fresh & experienced manpower, new businesses, and innovation. For hospitality Industry, Vina Manpower specializes in supplying different types of qualified & trained manpower to sectors as below:

Indeed, hospitality careers offer a fun and challenging work environment, they make it possible travel and work in cities around the world, and they expose workers to many different people and cultures. And there are other, more factual reasons to choose a career in Hospitality Industry: it’s a growing employment sector that offers good security and opportunities to advance in a career for both Employer and Employee in the future./.

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