According to the International Energy Forums, the sector is facing a war of talent that is undoubtedly bound to worsen in the coming years. The shortage of manpower in the Oil and Gas Industry is a key concern.It’s a challenge for the sector to attract, recruit, and retain the talented and reliable manpower.

To meet the global energy requirements, the industry has to sustain the talent pool that is shrinking at an alarming rate. But when you join hands with us, you do not have to worry about this manpower issues. We are here to fulfill all your manpower needs in Oil and Gas sector with the best skills sets available in the industry with efficiency.

For Oil & Gas Industry, Vina Manpower specializes in supplying different types of high qualified & experience manpower as below:

To ensure the skillset and suitability of our manpower, we would appreciate your participation in the pre-meetings with our technical specialists who are the experts in your industry to evaluate and clarify your project needs in advance. Then we start collecting and sourcing the best candidates from our extensive databank that suit your requirements perfectly.Getting “The Right people at the Right time” is a key to success in Oil & Gas industry. Let join hands with us to get the reliable, experience & high qualified manpower for your esteemed organization!

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Some of our customers

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